Stronger U.S. is a new national organization focused on developing grassroots leaders who are capable of organizing their own communities across multiple issue areas.

We are building a stronger U.S. by building a stronger us. We are marrying deep, time tested community organizing practices with the scale and agility of national campaigns.



Our Mission

Our mission is to restore access to the American Dream and the middle class for all Americans by pursuing an economic fairness and democracy agenda.


How We Work

Key Elements of Our Model

  • Integrated Voter Engagement: we build power and accountability relationships with elected officials by organizing around both public policy issues and elections.
  • Deep Community Organizing: we are in it for the long haul. Building community-based power means using relationship-based organizing to develop lasting neighborhood based organizations.
  • Distributed Leadership: our local neighborhood teams use a model of distributed leadership. That makes them durable, scalable and powerful. They are able to work on local issues and elections as well as act in coordination with allies across the country to make an impact on Federal level policy.
  • Multi-issue Agenda: we have a multi-issue agenda that is customized community by community. It includes issues ranging from climate change to criminal justice reform, minimum wage increases to money in politics, closing corporate tax loopholes to student loan reform. Our specific agenda will vary from state to state and year to year, but always we look at our issues through the lens of economic fairness.

The Art and Science of Change

  • Our work is data-driven: we work with analysts on a rigorous program of measurement and evaluation for all of the elements of our work.
  • Our work is innovative: we work with public and private sector partners to apply community organizing solutions to persistent policy problems. 

Some of the Things We Do

  • Voter Registration: a more responsive government starts with a more engaged electorate. 
  • Issue Education: good information is hard to find. We work with our allies to provide public policy information that is easy to digest and actionable.
  • Training: we train community members and allies on community organizing best practices.
  • Civic Engagement and Voter Turnout: shifting the balance of power requires increased participation.